Thursday, January 22, 2015

Anniversary to Birthday

Because I am a terrible blogger (as I remind you with every sporadic blog post), here is a picture-based update on what the Bowdens have been up to the last 5 months.

A few weeks after we moved to Pullman, we had our 2nd anniversary! D'awww...

If you want to go shopping around here, you have to drive to Spokane. Do you know what they have in Spokane? CAFE RIO!
At the end of August, we flew down to San Diego to go through the temple with my little sister, Emily, who was preparing to go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Did you know that WSU has an organic farm? Well, they do! Greg and I scored some awesome pumpkins, wildflowers, and Gordon (he's the green lumpy gourd).
WSU Football game! We lost, but it was fun to be a part of the action. Did you know that tens of thousands of people come to Pullman for every home game? Well, they do. They clog up all the parking lots with their RVs.


We decided that in order to make friends, we should have a Halloween party! We had 20 people in our little house, all dressed up. Happy Halloween from a flapper and Charlie Chaplin!

Mark and Cindy decided that they wanted in on the Halloween extravaganza. We were very surprised that they came as jesters.

Much festive. So costume. Wow.

This is my beautiful berry pie. Cindy and I did so much baking and cooking for Thanksgiving!
Yum. Pie.

Here's Cindy, my mother-in-law and cooking buddy.
Snow! YAY!

I flew down to San Diego to say goodbye to Emily, who was leaving for the MTC in Mexico City. She was so ridiculously excited, and ready to get going.

Here she is at the airport at 4:30am on December 10th. She was so excited that she smiled the whole way there. She then told us to go away because apparently it's uncomfortable for four people to stare at you and cry as you go through security.

Robby's 18th birthday! Robby and Dad went to the gun show for his birthday. Robby felt like he needed to dress for the occasion. Also, it appears that Brody has learned to shoot lasers from his eyes.

We attended the annual Dean Family Christmas Party in Yorba Linda. This year was extra special because it was also a celebration for my Great-Grandmommy's 100th birthday! Doesn't she look wonderful?
Christmas afternoon. Naps, dogs, and Harry Potter. What could be better?

We so cute.
Happy New Year! My family had our traditional New Year's Eve Party, and, as always, we played games at ate waaay too much until midnight.

On our last night in SD, we went to El Indio and then to the National Comedy Theater. We love going to funny things with Greg because his laughter is infectious and often distracts the comedians.

After we went home, I put together a gallery wall to show off how pretty we are.

Here is one last story for you. Because this one is more interesting, I'll give some more details.

Background: Greg and I have birthdays only 10 days apart. Because of this, we like to find some fun activity to do together instead of giving presents (last year we went to San Francisco and did Alcatraz, and Ghirardelli, etc.). Well, there is nothing fun to do around here. So, we decided to go up to Spokane, go shopping, and have a nice dinner. Welp, on our way there it started snowing.

"Snow! No big deal!" you think. Ha! My little car, Scooter, has always had performance tires on it, and they do not like the snow and ice. I survived Provo with those tires, and usually, if you drive carefully, you'll do just fine.

Unfortunately, not this time. I managed to slide on some ice and snow and smash the front passenger wheel into a barrier. Luckily, nothing appeared to be damaged. Again, unfortunately, that was not the case. We bent something. Greg spent a good two hours changing wheels, re-changing wheels, and talking to my dad, trying to diagnose what the problem was. Eventually the mall closed, and we couldn't fix things ourselves, so we called a tow truck. Adding in here that it's 9:30 on a Saturday night, so we had no idea what was going to happen.
Greg: the calm, cool, and collected handyman stud who tried to fix things while I cried and panicked.
After limping Scooter out of a multi-storey parking garage, we got hooked up to a tow truck and dropped off at the only mechanic in town who it open on Sundays. The super nice tow truck driver then dropped us off at our hotel room for the night.
So, to recap, I had crashed my car, missed my birthday dinner, and ended up stranded in Spokane for who knows how long. So, we did the only thing we could do: we ordered a ridiculous amount of pizza to our hotel room at midnight and watched Modern Family.
So. Much. Pizza.
 To make a long story short, we had damaged the control arm for the right front wheel. While not a cheap problem to fix, it was an easy one. We got it fixed, and were headed home by 3pm on Sunday.

After spending hours on the phone with us, helping us figure out what was wrong with the car... wonderful dad sent me snow tires.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bowdens Move to Washington pt. 2

Our stuff finally came!

Thursday morning, I got a call from the manager at Uhaul telling me our box arrived. After spending about an hour talking to the Sacramento location and customer service, I got a discount on the services since the pod was so late. We hooked our box up to a rented truck and dragged it to our house. That's right. HOUSE.

Look at this pod! It's here! Also, see that front door? That's our house. :)
Everything we own in a 5x7x8 box.

It took us just over an hour to get everything out of the pod, and then the real fun began. Here is a picture of my adorable kitchen (the only room that is 100% unpacked).

I love this kitchen. There is enough room to cook and do dishes at the same time!

The first dinner we actually cooked in our kitchen with more than a skillet and a flipper spatula.

Lemon Basil Cappellini Pasta with Garlic Butter Chicken

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bowdens Move to Washington pt. 1

Moving out of our apartment in Davis was the easy part. We packed multiple days in advance, we had everything ready to go when moving day came, and we got the truck and the pod on time. With the wonderful help we had, we managed to load up our pod in about 25 minutes. We gave away most of our big pieces of furniture. We had In-N-Out as our last meal in California. We got on the road, and thought to ourselves "Wow, that was so easy!"

We spent a week in Seattle, shopping, watching TV, and playing Sims 2 in the living room. We periodically checked in on our pod full of stuff, and had a relaxing week.

On Saturday morning, we made the journey into Pullman. On the way, Greg called the U-Haul location in Moscow, ID, where we were going to pick up the pod that contained all of our mortal possessions. The man on the phone confirmed that it had been delivered the day before and was all ready for pick-up. We saw our adorable little house, squeed a little over the stairs and multiple bedrooms, and headed into Moscow to get our stuff.

When we got to the U-Haul location, there was a big line of people waiting to rent trucks, return trucks, and get their stuff. Eventually, we made it to the front of the line. That's when the sales associate told us they couldn't find our pod. We sent him out to look again. Still no pod. We asked him to check the online system again. It turns out that the pod had magically "arrived" in Moscow before it had shipped from Sacramento. Not the kind of magic that I like. Basically, nobody knew where our stuff was, or when it was going to arrive.

As you can imagine, this created a number of problems. We had no place for my in-laws to sleep (thankfully, we had bought a bed for the guest room that we could sleep in), we had no kitchen implements, and no extra clothes. We went to Wal-Mart to stock up on foods that could be cooked with one skillet and a spatula; a towel; and some shampoo. Basically we have been camping in our new house for the past four days.

On Sunday, the U-Haul told us they couldn't locate our stuff because the trucking company's office was closed on Sundays. On Monday, they told us that the truck had picked up our pod four days late and there was nothing more they could tell us until the pod arrived. Tuesday, they told us that the truck carrying our stuff had broken down somewhere between California and Idaho. They *think* that our pod may arrive sometime between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Luckily for us, we had our internet set up on Monday, so we haven't been too bored. We seriously watched the 5th season of Modern Family in its entirety in the last 24 hours while sitting on a blanket in our otherwise empty living room. That's 24 episodes. We put together our new entertainment center. We ate 2 pounds of ravioli. We have been to Wal-Mart 4 times in the last 4 days.

People keep telling us that this story will be funny later.

Here is our guest bedroom that we are currently sleeping in. It will be even cuter when our stuff gets here.

Our first official meal in our new house. Sandwiches: because you don't need anything to cook them.

This is where we watched almost 9 hours of Modern  Family.

Our sweet new entertainment center. The second of two pieces of furniture currently in our house.

We literally ate all this ravioli in one sitting.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fish Museum

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! We had a wonderful time, and saw all the fishies!

In front of the Kelp Forest tank. We saw a scuba diver feed all the fish!

Look at this turtle!
I love jellyfish. They are incredibly graceful for creatures who poop out their mouths.

Beautiful and stingy

Tiny stingies.

So cool.

Mushroom cloud of a jellyfish
Squid! The Tentacles exhibit was awesome. I love cephalopods.
Big sleepy octopus.
We got to draw our own jellyfishes that swam across the screen. We only had to fight a few children to get a turn.
Greg really liked the Nautilus.


We attempted to imitate our squid friends.

More squids.

More jellies!
After the Aquarium, we walked around Monterey, had lunch at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co. and had a lovely day.