Sunday, June 1, 2014

On the road again

Hello there friends and family! The little Bowden family has some exciting news (not the baby-kind of news; sorry, Cindy).

The California Bowdens are becoming Washington Bowdens!

That's right, people. We're moving. Again.

As you all know, we moved to Davis, California, last year so Greg could start his Ph.D in Microbiology at UC Davis. Well, his mentor, Heather, has just scored a directorship at Washington State and has offered Greg three years of funding if he tags along. So, to make a long story short, Greg is going to give up being an Aggie to (once again) become a Cougar.

Now, moving to Pullman, WA, was not something I wanted to do, so Greg did what any loving husband would: he bribed me. Here's the trade: Washington for a puppy. Yes, dear readers, I get a puppy. The promise of a tiny dog baby to love made me more than willing to give up my new friends, pack everything I own into boxes, drive a gas-guzzling U-haul truck 14 hours north, and brave snow every winter for the next three years. Because who needs to live in a place for more than a year, anyway?

Our housing contract here in Davis ends late August, so that's probably when we will be packing up our stuff and making the great trek north. We plan on becoming super-duper-outdoors-y and mega-adventurous during our time in Washington, or watch a Netflix a lot. Maybe a little bit of both. Either way, we are excited for the next step in our lives and ready for a little bit of unemployment, a fur-baby, and a whole lot of adventure.

Okay, now that the big, scary news is out of the way, let's get an update on what the Bowdens have been up to the last few weeks (or months), shall we?

1. I found a wasp in my house and violently beat it to death with my swiffer mop.

This is my dangerous face.
2. I met my parents in Virginia to attend the wedding of my cousin Kevin and his adorable little wife Meredith. It was basically the cutest. While in VA, I also got to spend some time with the Burnett side of the fam. They are also basically the cutest.

Look at those cherry blossoms.

My pretty cousins.

Adorable bride. Handsome groom. Beautiful wedding.
PopPop had never eaten yogurt. Now he has. Victory.

You can see where I get my good looks from.

3.  Greg and I drove to Portland to celebrate the graduation of Greg's older brother, Nick. It was great to spend time with the Bowdens, stay up waaaay past my bedtime, and celebrate one of life's biggest accomplishments with wonderful people.


The Bowden family.

The graduate and his more attractive half.

4. My sister came to visit! Emily flew out here so I could be her chauffeur and take her to her best friend's wedding. We drove from Davis to Reno, Reno to Carson City, Carson City to Davis, all in one day. We also did other fun stuff. Here is photographic evidence of that.

Emily loves cows. Cows love Emily, too.

So much science.
More science.

Sister, and thai food.
Overall, we are doing wonderfully. We love our life, we are working hard, and enjoying it. :)

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  1. Very cool! I miss Washington. I was only there for a week when I went up with Greg, but it was awesome. Glad to hear that you guys are doing well.